7 Packing Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

To make any change less stressful, you could always use a few tips. Moving as a big change and commitment and as such can be very difficult, especially the packing part, so here are some tips on packing you probably didn’t know but can ease your moving.

Tip 1:

Packing plates is easy as well as breaking them as you move, o the best way of securing your plates and breakables is to use the foam coaster which are used by placing them between each plate you pack, so in case of turbulence during the transport, your plates won’t break. For anything that can be easily broken, such as glassware, you can use a sort of isolation to keep those things from breaking. You can also use bubble coating bags and newspapers to separate and isolate your breakables.

Tip 2:

Moving, packing and unpacking can be very exhausting, so make sure you pick one bag that will contain all the things you think you will need in case you are too tired to unpack immediately after you arrive at your new home. That way you will have everything you need at your hand without having to dig through your boxes in search for something like a toothbrush, toothpaste, your PJs or something similar.

Tip 3:

If you didn’t get enough bubble wrap, you can always pack and secure your breakables from potential damage, by wrapping it in some clothes.

Tip 4:

Label your boxes, not only the room they are supposed be unpacked in, but also to whom the things in the box belong to, as well as describing box’s content. This way you will unpack as easy as possible.

Tip 5:

You don’t need to unpack, pack than unpack your drawers again. Your drawers can be the boxes, as the only thing you need to prevent things from falling out during the transport is press’ n’ seal tape. This way you will save a lot of time unwrapping and wrapping up your clothes again.

 Tip 6:

We see how many unnecessary things we kept in our house only when we are moving. Throw away all the things that you are certain you don’t need to avoid making a bigger mess than you need to. Moving is already messy enough without the things you don’t need. Don’t bring those things with you, just get rid of them, keeping only those things you actually need.

Tip 7:

Boxes are great way of packing and moving your things, but if unlabeled you will be very confused and would probably have problems unpacking later, not knowing where is what and where it supposed to be unpacked. Labeling your boxes by rooms, listing the boxes’ content, naming the boxes after whom they belong to, numbering the boxes so you would know that you didn’t leave any box behind, marking the boxes with color system so you can easily know which one box should be unpacked in bathroom and which one in kitchen, will make your packing, unpacking and moving a lot easier.