Move Easily With Movers Checklists

Many people ask us why are the movers checklist so important. Does it even matters to maintain checklists when organizing stuff? Well if you are asking this question then I can say that you have never packed or moved in your life. Those who have tried to pack all their stuff and moved to a new location without making use of a checklist know what a hectic task it becomes. Moving in checklist appears to be very simple and this is what it is supposed to be. Avoiding checklists will only add anxiety and stress to the whole moving process and it will make you disorganized nothing else.

Well if you are not aware of how to maintain a check list then we can help you with the task. An ideal checklist is chronological and it details the task to be handled in a timely fashion. Here is how it needs to look like.

2 months before movingmoving_checklist

  • Sorting

Survey whole house and make a list of what all items need to be moved and what should be left behind.

  • Look for movers

Start searching for movers based on your requirements. The best way is to make use of moving leads services which connect you to experienced movers easily.

  • Ask for quotes

The earlier you will hire a mover the cheaper it will be.

  • Organize

Maintain all the address change and school documents. File applications with the government departments for change of address.

6 weeks before moving

  • Arrange packing supplies

Now is the right time to start ordering packing supplies. Arrange quality boxes, lots of tape and bubble Wrap and permanent markers.

  • Empty items

Defreeze your refrigerator and empty oil from equipments and other chemicals before packing.

1 month before moving

  • Hire a mover

This is the time that you should hire a mover. Discuss all the schedule details with the company.

  • Start Packing

Now is the time to start packing. Start with a room first and do not rush to cover all the belonging at once. Mix and match items to accommodate most on them in least boxes. Also do not put heavy items into large boxes. Wrap all the sharp objects carefully.

  • Label

Number and mark boxes for their easy handling, maintain a check list of all the items packed. This is necessary to keep track of the entire inventory.

  • Keep valuables separately

Do not keep valuables along with other objects. Carry your valuables on your own.

  • Notify important people

This is also the time to inform your important contacts and friends and family about your move.

2 weeks before moving

  • Arrange for moving

Ask for leave from your office and give leave application.  Tune up your vehicles for the move.

  • Check supplies

Take note of all the supplies which are to be disconnected before you move out.

  • Reconfirm with the mover

Contact and reconfirm for the moving schedule date and timing.

1 week before moving

  • Refill prescriptions

Any essential medication which you will need, refill it.

  • Pack a separate bag

Some essentials which could be needed during the move pack them in this bag.

Also check all your belongings and movables.

On the moving day

  • Verify

Make sure that your mover arrives on time and picks up the inventory.

Keep checklist of items handy for verification at the destination.

This is how you need to maintain a checklist.