Moving Checklist For Inter-State Moving

Moving is a giant task and if you are moving out of state then things gets more complicated. The needs and requirements of out of state moving are entirely different from local moving. You need to be well prepared for such moving. There are many ways to handle out of state moving easily but the best one is to maintain and use a out of state moving checklist. This way you can easily keep track of every movement regarding your move. This cuts out anxiety and makes things really easy for you to manage. Here we are going to provide you some points which will help you to make most of the moving out of station checklist.

Start with Planning

Distant moving is cumbersome and is quite a challenge but with little planning and preparation you definitely can ease up all the tasks. There are few things that you need to start with early. Start planning as soon as possible. This will give you ample time to make arrangements. Here are few things which you can do:

Visit destination before the move

Learn as much as possible about the cost of living and other facilities there

Visit your neighborhoods to know surroundings better

Check with the local agents to get the best property within your budget in best locality

Get a rough idea of your overall moving budget and start working on savings

Ask for personal recommendations for movers from family and friends

Take help of listing services to get quotes from multiple movers and chose the best one

Planning is the only way you can beat the stress and concentrate on moving process properly. Ask for help from friends and family.


As time approaches near for the moving day, you need to get ready with the checklist. You need to stick to the checklist to handle all the moving chores easily. Here are what all needs to be on the checklist.

  • Check all your inventory and get rid of extra stuff as much as you canMoving Checklist For Inter-State Moving
  • Use only packing boxes and cartons which are reliable for your stuff
  • Make use of labels to protect your inventory from rough handling
  • Hire professional packers to wrap and pack your stuff
  • If you are packing on your own then make sure you do it right
  • Hire a mover. Best way is to make use of a listing service and get quotes for free
  • Decide your budget and negotiate with a mover
  • Don’t blindly go for cheap quotes but also take care of the service quality
  • Discuss all the moving procedure and terms & conditions with your mover
  • If you have pets then arrange for their transportation
  • Have all your supplies cleaned up and ready for the moving day
  • Notify government offices about the address change
  • Keep all the paper work ready so as to handle moving easily
  • Ask for contact details of mover for keeping track of delivery date and time
  • Take all your valuables with you, do not leave it with the movers

This is the basic checklist which we think will definitely get you started.