Moving Tips For All -Know the Basics

Moving is something which can make you go crazy easily. Seriously, I am not exaggerating but this is what reality is. I have faced the problems of moving once and I cannot tell you what the hell it was. However that experience made me wiser and I have some knowledge to share with you all who are moving for the first time. I know, moving to an entirely new place is not that easy but there are definitely some tips on moving which will help you. Here I am going to share some personal tips which I developed in the course of moving.

Early to rise

All about moving can be summed up in just one line, start early and you will be fine. You definitely don’t know what it takes to plan the entire move and keep things in control. I made a terrible mistake of not starting planning on time and it resulted in a mess and it was a huge mess. I missed on best deals from movers plus I paid additional charges for getting packing and moving done and a lot other stuff. So don’t make the same mistake. Start as soon as the date for moving is confirmed. This will help you planning the entire moving easily.

Be ready with a checklistMoving-Tips

I know you will ridicule the idea of keeping a piece of paper to plan your entire move. Ladies and gentlemen don’t be skeptic as checklists are the show savers.  This is how problems start, first you keep track of one item then two then three but as the number rises you start losing their track. Then you stress out and start losing date and time schedules which leads to entire mess at the end. So the point is always maintaining a checklist how confident you feel. There are many blogs out there which are offering you free checklist prints use them.

Get rid of junk

Not actually the junk but any extra material which you can get rid of. The less stuff you will carry with you the easier as well as affordable the moving will be for you. Hold a garage sale or donate the usable stuff to charity. Also separate out the valuables and carry them personally. When packing your stuff mix and match so as to accommodate more items in lesser number of boxes. All this will help you to male moving more manageable as well as cost effective.

Some tips for getting started

  • Check your mover two weeks before moving to confirm delivery date and time
  • Avoid packing heavier stuff in lighter boxes
  • Important documents and papers should never be packed with other stuff
  • Use marker and labels for boxes
  • Do not carry any hazardous item with you
  • Always inform family and friends about your new address
  • Change your address with the local bodies and other agencies

These are basic tips but if you use them with care they will easily get you started with packing and moving.