How to Make Furniture Moving Easy?

Furniture is an integral part of a home interior. Whether you are planning to move or just redesigning your interiors moving furniture is almost mandatory. You have to move all your furniture from one place to another which is back wrecking and tedious. Well solution is to hire furniture movers who can help with moving your stuff easily. There are number of movers and packers who are offering you similar services as well. It’s totally up to you how you want to get it done. Sometimes people prefer to handle all the moving chores on their own. If you are also doing the same then we have some tips for you.

High and low handlingHow to Make Furniture Moving Easy

To move tall and long furniture like dressing table or a file cabinet make use of high and low handling. Make it a two person move with one keeping the angle of furniture low and other holding it high. This way the centre of the weight is maintained which avoids swinging of the object. Also it is the correct way of handling objects on sloppy grounds.

Handle chairs sideways

Backs of large chairs usually tangle in the doorway which makes it really difficult to move them. Handling chairs sideways in L shape position will help to handle large chairs with relative ease. For couches the same technique is recommended.

Ramp and rope

When you have to carry heavy furniture downstairs then it can be really daunting task. For this make use of a wooden plank to act as the ramp for furniture on stairs. Tie the furniture with a rope to avoid the runaway disaster. This makes handling of furniture when carrying them downstairs a lot easy.

Shoulder straps

For easy handling of the furniture when carrying you can make use of shoulder straps. These straps also known as hump straps are available with retail stores easily. They simply distribute the weight of the furniture on the large muscle groups of the body like your back. Hence it makes handling a lot easier.

Slide furniture

You need not to pull the furniture all the way through the hall room. For a smooth moving you can make use of furniture slides which are available easily in all sizes and shapes. You can also use Frisbees, plastic sheets and bed sheets as furniture slides.

Wrap furniture

Expensive wooden furniture is also prone to damage and it is necessary that you protect such furniture using plastic and blankets. Make use of old blankets and plastic rolls to protect your furniture from damage of any kind.

Prepare a plan

Before entering your new home it is necessary that you have a floor plan ready for where your furniture will go. Make a list of where which furniture will be placed. This will help you to bring in furniture accordingly as well as make furniture moving a lot easier.

You can always take help of professional movers and packers as they are always available. If you want to handle furniture moving on your own then these tips will help.