Post Moving Checklist For You

Moving into a new house is a great experience for a number of reasons. You get to make new friends and extend your social circle as well as you also get to live in a new environment altogether. However sometimes reason for moving may not be that positive but change is always good. Another aspect of moving to a new place is the stress that one has to deal with. There is a lot of stuff to do and handle which is bit a tedious task. If you search over the internet you will get hundreds of blogs and websites sharing information on tips to plan move and other such things. One thing that most of these blogs tend to neglect is to tell you how to go further once that last box are moved to the destination. Here is this post we are going to provide you post moving checklist.

Some preplanningPost Moving Checklist

We will start with some preplanning tips. As soon as you will start planning you move the easier it will be for you to settle things. This will also bring forward any difficulty which has remained unseen. To make moving more economical you can make use of moving coupons offered by various websites online. These coupons will help you to get moving supplies and deals at discounted prices. Hiring a professional mover is most important.

Now once you have reached your destination start following this checklist.

Look out the appliances

Start with checking all the appliances like dishwashers, stove and dryer. Make sure that all these appliances are working properly and no damage is caused to them during moving. As the insurance covering these items is for limited time period it is necessary that you make claims for any damage on time.

Do an inventory check for all the stuff which is covered under insurance. Make a claim on time.


Once you arrive to your new home make sure that all the utilities are set up properly. Water supply, electricity connection, gas connection, geysers and other such connections should be made. Also this should be checked before moving in as lights will be needed in case you move in at night.

Take care of documents

It is necessary that you manage all the receipts properly. Keep all the moving related documents in a separate file. The Bill of Landing and receipts of payments made should be kept safe as they are necessary for insurance claims.

Finding a school

Now for your kids you have to find a good school. For this you can take help of your neighbors as they know the area better they definitely will be able to help. Make sure that you get your kids admitted to the best school.

Register the vehicles

You need to register your vehicles if you have moved to a new state. For this you will have to submit application with the transport department.

Last but not least is to take care of the spending. In the initial months you will extra expenditures to meet and you should mind your finances.

These are the post move tips you should follow.