Plan Your Move To Reduce Stress

Some days back I ended up a job in New York and it was really amazing place. I have a heard a lot about it from my family and friends and was really tempted to move in. However moving is not that easy and I got to know this through a bitter experience. One thing which in know for sure is that for moving on my own I need to take care of everything from planning the move to packing to resettling every stuff again. If you are not experienced in moving to places as I was then unfortunately you will need help, a lot of it. Well I can share some of the apartment moving tips that I myself realized can be of great help. Here I am going to list them one by one. Also shares are some moving day tips  I found really helpful.

Start on time

I tell this thing to people moving out again and again. Procrastination is just going to leave you in a mess which you need to avoid. Believe me you will never be able to clear the stuff at the end moments. Best thing you can do to make your moving easy and stress free is to start planning on time. Plus it will not kill you if you start packing boxes one on one.

Plan Your Move To Reduce Stress


It’s like syllabus for your course exams. If you have no syllabus you will not understand where to start studies from. Similar checklists help you to get more organized and above all reduce stress. Make a checklist of all the items to be moved. Also prioritize the tasks for easy moving.

Room by room packing

You cannot pack your entire house in one night. It is also insane start packing one room at a time. Also get rid of all the extra stuff you can avoid. Donate to charity, sell in garage sale or do whatever you can. Reducing the stuff you need to carry will cut your moving costs significantly as well as will help with planning move.

Pack with care

Make use of boxes and cartons to hold the stuff for packing. There are industrial grade packing boxes available with retail stores easily. Mix and match stuff to hold maximum items in minimum boxes. Labeling the boxes is also very important. This will help you with unpacking and also will warn for careful handling of fragile boxes.

Wrapping the stuff with bubble wraps and paper shreds is also necessary. This will avoid any damage due to shocks and rough handling.

Hire professionals

Understand the fact that you cannot move on your own and will need professional help at one moment. If you are moving out for the first time it is advised that you hire professional movers and packers who can handle all your needs easily. Also there are stuff like piano which you cannot move on your own and will need professionals.

Therefore first plan and then go with packing and moving, it will ease up everything.