Couple with moving boxes

Move the Kitchen Pots and Pans Successfully

Packing takes time but certainly not difficult to carry out when you know the basic tips required to simplify the packing process more especially the kitchen large-sized items. Some household goods especially kitchen items (pots and pans) are more stressful to pack than others usually because of their sizes and/or volumes. Therefore, most people who lack the basic tips to packing these utensils correctly despise this aspect of moving as they conclusively term it a stressful encounter.

Our moving company personnel are professionals and can do that for you. But we want to make known these tips to you in case you may want to undertake the process yourself. Getting your pots and pans ready for the move could be hard if you do not know these easy to do tips.

  • For a proper packing of your pots and pans for move, the steps includes:
    Provide the right materials for packing the pots and the pans. These includes: packing tapes, packing paper or used newspapers, sturdy boxes (medium boxes), dark coloured marker.
  • Prepare the boxes before putting the pots and the pans as well as their lids inside the boxes. With the aid of the packing tape, tape the bottom of the boxes to make sure they are strong and secure to carry the loads (pots and pans). Don’t allow stress to make you forget this because it is very important. It will make the packing and the subsequent move of the pots and the pans easy.
  • Conversely, prepare the interior parts of the boxes using the paper/newspapers. Create a cushioning layer at the bottom of each box with the papers to absorb any impact during moving. You can achieve this by fabricating very loose balls inside the boxes (about 1-2 inches).
  • Pack the pots and the pans inside the boxes.
  • While loading the pots and the lids as well as the pans, make sure you put each of them and their lids together in three’s. That is, three pots and their corresponding three lids should be in one box. The same applies to the pans. This will make unpacking very easy for you as you will not have to tear/scatter all the boxes to bring out any of these for use in your new home.

Additionally, when packing the pots and the pans together, it is important you start with the biggest ones usually wrapped in about 3 sheets of the paper provided and using the packing tape to hold the corners of the paper to each other inside the pot or pan. Then, load the next pot or pan into the first one, wrapping and taping them in the same manner. The next pot or pan (the third) should also be wrapped and placed inside others in the same vain. Though optional, you can place a single layer of biodegradable peanut in-between each pots or pans. In the process of labeling the pots or pan boxes, you have to observe these additional steps:

  • Use the marker to number each box and probably tag them “kitchen”;
  • Probably, label the boxes on all sides. You can as well put a label on the top of each box as this will make the identification of their contents easier when unpacking because the boxes containing the pots or pans will be moved together with other household properties. Knowing the content of each box, with the aid of the label, just by seeing the label will save time during moving and unpacking.
  • Ensure you use a dark and broad mouth marker for labeling the different boxes.
  • Make labels very big and visible.
  • Also, while labeling you can indicate the box to open first which will contain the pot(s) or pan(s) you may need to use immediately you arrive in your new home. You can mark it “Open First”. This will make your unpacking easier as you may be tired when you arrive initially.

Before making that long desired move, you need to know these tips especially when you decide to undertake your packing (kitchen packing) yourself. These are the best tips to follow in packing and moving with your kitchen pots and pans. Follow the guide carefully and experience a stress free and easy move.