Moving out boxes

Tips for moving day

Finally the big day has arrived and now you are being anxious. Come on it is just moving and you need not to be so much into dilemma or anything just keep your cool and everything will be fine. Make use of tips we are sharing here for managing things on the moving day.


Make sure all the stuff you are taking with you is packed properly for the last time. You need to cross check all the packed boxes and match them with the check list to make sure nothing is left behind. Also keep your landing bill ready some movers check this bill before loading your stuff.

Keep a look on the loading process for making sure your belonging are being handled with care. can help you with choice of best movers and packers who handle all your belongings with care and professionalism.

Check Your Home

For the last time have a look at your house. Check the damages made by the movers and list them. Also note down reading of power meters and make sure all supplies are disconnected. Have a look from basement to attic so that anything should not be left behind.

Keep cash handy to tip the movers after all the chores are met.

In Transit

Give your contact details to movers to keep in touch with them during the move. Also confirm the moving time and date for timely delivery of your stuff.


Once at your new home start unpacking all your stuff according to checklist. It is a good idea to go according to checklist to avoid mess. Also start listing all the damage (if any) done to your items. Do not wait at all before making claim. Some movers require you to make claim within 24-48 hours.

These are some tips which will help you a lot on the moving day.