Moving Office

5 Things to Remember While Relocating Your Business

Moving a commercial business can take even more of an effort than moving to another home. But there is no shortage of commercial moving companies in the market. Many of these offer both moving and storage services. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re planning your shift:

  1. Create a Plan in Advance. It is recommended that you plan at least two months prior to the date of the shift. This is enough time to change your letterhead and vendor information and also to set your priorities straight. Plan which departments to move first and inform all the concerned parties both inside and outside the company of the shift.
  2. Have Contact with Phone Companies and IT. Keep your phone companies and IT department in the loop of your plans. Proper communication can ensure that your shift is a smooth sail.
  3. Appoint Two Coordinators to Facilitate the Transition. One coordinator can organize the movement of all the equipment and departments in your current office, while another coordinator can facilitate the incoming equipment and set everything in place at the new office. You can avoid any potential chaos at the other end if you do this.
  4. Inform Clients of Your Move. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to keep critical parties aware of your shift, especially important clients you are currently working with. Once your shift is complete, you can even proceed to invite them over to see your new office.
  5. Inform Your Employees Personally. Your workforce should be informed before anyone else of the shift. However, it won’t do to inform them by just sending them a memo or an email. Employees are likely to be the most effected by a shift, especially if the shift it to another city. Therefore, meet your employees personally and explain the reasons for the relocation.

Once you’ve settled all of this, you should be ready to begin your relocation.