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 Accessorial services

The additional services like packing, unpacking or storage. Charges for such services are in addition to transportation cost.


An agent is the affiliated moving company authorized to work on behalf of the recognized mover. Such a company can handle booking, origin, and moving services.

Bill of lading

This is the receipt for the customer which acts as the contract of transport. The customer’s signs it in acknowledgement to get the goods loaded and moved.

Binding/non-binding estimate

The binding estimate is the agreement made between mover and client guarantee the overall cost of the moving based on inventory and services in advance.

A non-binding estimate is a carrier’s estimate about the overall moving cost. The final charges can vary according to the moving conditions and services incurred during the move.

Bulky article

There are some articles which require extra handling due to their large size like big screen TVs and hot tubs. There are additional charges for such items.


It is the statement of loss, delay or damage to the household shipment caused while in the care, control or custody or control of the mover or its affiliate.

COD (cash on delivery)

Such mode of payment entitles the customer to make payment after the delivery of the inventory. In some cases credit card can be used and it requires authorization from the mover.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

The federal agency that governs the interstate transportation along with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).


When there is any change in the original destination by the client. The new cost will be calculated on the basis of new costs incurred and what all additional services are used.

Exclusive use of vehicle

Clients can demand exclusive carrier to carry any belonging separately. However the item should fall in the minimum shipment weight category.

Fuel surcharge

Based upon the rate change by the U.S. Department of Energy the fuel surcharge can change. It needs adjustment in the billing cost of the overall moving process.

High-value inventory

Such items which are not covered under the normal insurance policies. Clients need to fill up separate form for moving such inventory.


The detailed listing of all the items of the client to be moved.

Non-allowable list

These are those items which are prohibited from moving. We will not move these items for you under any circumstances.

Order number

This number is used to identify the shipment and billing documents.

Storage-in-Transit (SIT)

Temporary storage services provided by the mover for later date moving. You need to contact us to know about the SIT procedure and policies.