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Bill of Lading

When moving with a full service moving company, you will receive a document called the Bill of Lading on the day of your pick-up. As a consumer you should be aware that the Bill of Lading serves as the actual contract between you and your interstate moving company. The law requires that the mover prepare a Bill of Lading for every shipment, and the driver must give you a copy of the Bill of Lading before loading your belongings.


The Bill of Lading is your actual contract between you and your moving company. It is a negotiable instrument and a document of title issued via moving company of products to the shipper as a proof of receipt of merchandise which contains the details of goods/merchandise.

Purpose of Bill of Landing:

A Bill of Lading has 3 basic purposes or roles..

·         Evidence of Contract of Carriage

·         Receipt of Goods and

·         Document of Title to the goods

The detail elements of Bill of lading incorporates the description of products/goods, quantity of When can an exporter discharge bill of lading from shipping company goods, number of bundles, gross weight, freight details, place of receipt, port of loading, port of discharge, place of final destination, shipper name, consignee name, notify party if any, buyer other than consignee if any etc.

Any goods can be moved out to other country region only after completion of necessary export customs clearance procedures and formalities.The carrier issues bill of lading by confirming receipt of cargo from shipper/exporter, once after receipt of ‘let export’ order delivered by shipper’s customs house agent.

Numerous individuals surmise that a B/L is a Contract between the Seller and the Buyer and numerous likewise believe that a B/L is a Contract of Carriage between the Carrier and Shipper, But both ideas aren't right..

The contract between a buyer and seller was already established when the buyer placed the order with the seller and they both discussed and agreed (verbally or in writing) the what, where, when, how and how much of the transaction in detail..The contract between a shipper and the moving company was already set up when the shipper or his agent made a booking with the carrier (transportation line) to convey the load from A to B..The B/L is the EVIDENCE of the contract of carriage entered into between the “Carrier” and the “Shipper or Cargo Owner” in order to carry out the transportation of the cargo as per the contract between the buyer and the seller.