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Terms and Fine Print on the Bill of Lading

Some crucial things to consider about your Bill of Lading:


·         The data on a bill of filling is obliged to be the same data appeared on the order for service.

·         On the off chance that you don't concur with something on the bill of lading, don't sign it until you are satisfied it is correct.

·         The bill of lading requires the mover to provide the administration you have asked.

·         You must pay the charges set forth in the bill of lading.


Always remember to keep the Bill of Lading with you where it will be promptly accessible to you. You should also keep your original estimate that you got from the moving organization with you. These two essential documents ought to dependably be kept together.

There are 14 terms that your Bill of Lading must include. These important terms are:

1.       Your mover's name and location, or the name and location of the motor carrier issuing the bill of landing.

2.       The names and locations of some other motor carriers, when known, who will partake in the shipment's transportation.

3.       The name, address, and phone number of the workplace of the motor carrier you must contact in relation to the shipment's transportation.

4.       The form of payment your mover will honor at delivery. The payment information must be the same that was entered on the estimate and request for administration.

5.       At the point when your mover transports your shipment under a collect-on-delivery basis, your name, address, and phone number where the mover will notify you about the charges.

6.       For non-guaranteed service, the agreed date or period of time for pickup of the shipment and the agreed date or period of time for the delivery of the shipment. The agreed dates or periods for pickup and delivery entered upon the bill of lading must conform to the agreed dates or periods of time for pickup and delivery entered upon the order for service or a proper amendment to the order for service.

7.       For guaranteed service, the dates for pickup and delivery and any penalty or per diem entitlements due you under the agreement.

8.       The actual date of pickup.

9.       The identification number(s) of the vehicle(s) in which your mover loads your shipment.

10.   The terms and conditions for payment of the total charges including notice of any minimum charges.

11.   The maximum amount your mover will demand from you at the time of delivery for you to obtain possession of your shipment, when your mover transports under a collect-on-delivery basis.

12.   The Surface Transportation Board’s required released rates valuation statement, and the charges, if any, for optional valuation coverage. The STB’s required released rates may be increased annually by your mover based on the Department of Commerce’s Cost of Living Adjustment.

13.   Evidence of any insurance coverage sold to or procured for you from an independent insurer, including the amount of the premium for such insurance.

14.   Each attachment to the bill of lading. Each attachment is an integral part of the bill of lading contract. The following three items must be added as attachments:

·         The binding or non-binding estimate.

·         The order for service.

·         The inventory.